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Container Tracking Software and Efficient Supply Chain Management in Canada

Container tracking is a process of monitoring the location of a container while it is in transit with real time tracking. It is a way to monitor and track the location, status, condition and other parameters of containers.

Container tracking has been around for decades. It was originally used for maritime cargo, but now it also includes inland waterway and rail transport. It provides an overview of what is happening with the container at any given time and where it is located on the globe. Implementing a GPS Canada Track tracker for shipping containers with our long-lasting battery powered asset tracking devices is a cost-effective way to manage critical assets at scale. Our GPSs are specially engineered, designed, and manufactured ultra-rugged container tracking devices are constructed to withstand the harshest Canadian environment and weather conditions. This ensures that your assets can be consistently tracked with reliability, regardless of the location or prevailing conditions, offering you peace of mind.

Efficient Supply Chain Management: Canada relies heavily on international trade, and a significant portion of goods is transported via containers.

Container tracking helps in ensuring the smooth flow of goods throughout the supply chain. By tracking containers, companies can monitor the movement of goods, identify potential bottlenecks or delays, and take proactive measures to optimize logistics and delivery processes.

  1. Security and Safety: Container tracking plays a crucial role in enhancing security and safety measures. It allows authorities to monitor containers throughout their journey and identify any unauthorized access or tampering. This is particularly important for high-value or sensitive goods, as well as for maintaining the integrity of the global supply chain.
  2. Customs Compliance: Containers arriving in Canada are subject to customs regulations and procedures. Tracking containers enables customs officials to verify the accuracy of information provided by importers and exporters, ensuring compliance with customs requirements. It helps in preventing smuggling, illegal trade, or mis declarations, which could have adverse economic, social, and security implications.
  3. Transparency and Visibility: Container tracking provides transparency and visibility to stakeholders involved in the supply chain. Shipping companies, importers, exporters, and other parties can access real-time information about the location, status, and estimated time of arrival of containers. This information facilitates effective planning, reduces uncertainties, and enables better coordination among different entities.
  4. Risk Management: Container tracking aids in risk management and mitigation. It allows companies to identify potential risks, such as delays, route deviations, or adverse weather conditions, and take appropriate measures to minimize their impact. By having accurate and up-to-date information, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize inventory management, and mitigate disruptions that could affect production or customer satisfaction.
  5. Customer Service and Satisfaction: Container tracking enhances customer service and satisfaction levels. By providing customers with visibility into the movement of their shipments, companies can address inquiries, provide accurate delivery estimates, and proactively communicate any delays or changes. This transparency helps build trust and confidence among customers, leading to improved customer experiences.

Overall, container tracking in Canada is essential for efficient supply chain management, ensuring security and safety, customs compliance, enhancing transparency and visibility, managing risks, and delivering superior customer service. It enables stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and contribute to the smooth functioning of international trade.


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GCTB2 - is a powerful magnetic waterproof GPS tracker with alerts that can monitor any asset or vehicle. The long standby battery may provide a daily tracking report for up to 5 years. This 4G enabled real-time tracking gadget has a 10,500mAh battery backup that functions properly in active mode and immediately powers down when the asset is immobile.

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