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Hidden Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices have become so compact, powerful, and affordable that they can be discretely placed in vehicles. Whether it's a business owner managing their workforce or a parent monitoring his or her teenagers driving habits GPS Canada Track has the compact easy to hide device for your needs today.

There are several reasons why hidden tracking devices can be beneficial for fleet management:

  1. Asset Protection: Hidden tracking devices can help protect your fleet of vehicles or assets from theft. If a vehicle is stolen, the tracking device can provide real-time location updates, enabling law enforcement to recover the vehicle quickly.
  2. Enhanced Security: Knowing the exact location of your fleet vehicles can help enhance security. In case of emergencies or suspicious activities, you can quickly dispatch assistance or alert the authorities to ensure the safety of your drivers and assets.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Tracking devices provide valuable data on vehicle usage, driver behavior, and route optimization. By analyzing this data, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement, such as optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, minimizing idle time, and improving overall efficiency.
  4. Maintenance and Diagnostics: Tracking devices often come with features that monitor vehicle health, including engine performance, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedules. This information can be used to proactively schedule maintenance, identify potential issues before they become major problems, and reduce costly breakdowns.
  5. Insurance Benefits: Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for vehicles equipped with tracking devices. The ability to track and recover stolen vehicles, coupled with data on driver behavior and vehicle maintenance, can lower insurance costs and improve risk management.
  6. Compliance and Accountability: Tracking devices can help ensure compliance with regulations and improve driver accountability. Fleet managers can monitor driver behavior, such as speeding or harsh braking, and provide feedback or training to promote safer driving habits.
  7. Customer Service and Transparency: With tracking devices, fleet managers can provide accurate and real-time information to customers regarding delivery or service times. This transparency enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust.

It's important to note that the use of tracking devices should be implemented with consideration for privacy laws and regulations, and clear communication with employees or drivers about the purpose and use of the devices is essential to maintain trust and transparency.

Why should you use real-time GPS Tracking?

Know the exact location of assets, vehicles and other valuables. Experience better performance through real-time reporting regarding issues such as lost assets or vehicles extra kilometers driven, crossing the speed limits, and start/stop time.

Plug-In and Go

Easy to install feature lets the user benefit the most through simple and direct access

Better Interface

The device has a smooth and user friendly interface for effortless tracking and monitoring

Customized Monitoring

Set your monitoring timings and save the battery life for effective and prolonged usage

Get Alerts

Stay informed about all start and stop trips via instant messages as well as control unauthorized usage