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Category: GPS Tracker

GCT OBD 2 is a plug-and-go live location tracker requiring no wiring hassle. its a 4G network facilitates swift and precise data transmission, ensuring one-second efficiency. Timing tracking provides real-time latitude and longitude updates at set intervals. Over-speed and vibration alarms enhance safety, notifying users of excessive speeds or continuous vehicle vibrations. Geo-fence alerts notify when a vehicle exceeds a predefined area. Historical track playback on the platform includes details like speed and stay time. The system supports fleet management, allowing one account to monitor multiple devices or multiple accounts to monitor a single device.

Refund Policy

Orders are 100% refundable for undamaged equipment shipped back to us within 30 days of purchase. Full refund policy.


GPS Canada tracking equipment carries a lifetime warranty against defects. Full warranty policy.


  • 4G network: Supporting 4G network, 1 second efficient transmission, faster and more accurate.
  • Timing tracking: Reporting positioning information such as latitude and longitude according to the set interval.
  • Over-speed alarm: The device will send an alarm to your mobile phone when driving speed is too fast.
  • Vibration alarm: Built-in vibration sensor, when the vehicle vibrates continuously, the device will immediately send an alarm information.
  • Geo-fence: when the driving range of the car exceeds the set area, an alarm message will be sent to the platform.
  • Historical track: The platform can playback of history driving routes, including speed, direction stay time, etc.
  • Fleet management: One account can monitor multiple devices, or one device can be monitored by multiple accounts.

Product Specifications

Size 49.5*34*39mm
weight 41g(battery included
Built-in battery 100mAH(3.7V)
Sensor Precision Vibration Sensor
Positioning accuracy <5m
LED indicator power, indicating status
Vibration alarm Vehicle vibration report in armed state
Power detection Upload alarm notification when the main power is disconnected
GPS data Real-time location updates
Data upload Update GPS data in real time and support customization
Driving behavior detection When the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed, the device will upload the over-speed alarm